WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Authentic:

WhatsApp Authentic is a secure API that establishes real-time conversations with the users. The users can probe the entire product/services list at one spot. It works with an end-to-end encryption method that ensures secure interactions. It allows companies to have engaging conversations with customers to know their context and intent. Using WhatsApp Authentic, companies can build chatbots for businesses by manipulating graphical or iconic elements in a visual programming environment.


  • WhatsApp Authentic serves the most prevailing part of businesses in making them smarter.
  • It is 24x7 available making the customer support activity feasible at any time.
  • It provides instant answers with nodelay.
  • By engaging visitors with effective conversations, the company can encourage them to use its services.
  • The detailed information about the services is readily available at the client's request.
  • In order to fulfill the customer's intent, their utterances are predicted in advance and programmed accordingly.


  • Access to customers in huge streams is feasible.
  • Personalized/customized conservation is possible.
  • Real-time interaction with clients is possible.
  • Send targeted broadcasts by Whatsapp to target customers.
  • Discover insights using data.

Why choose WhatsApp Authentic over other Chatbot APIs?

  • The WhatsApp Authentic API provides a custom built and deployed bot, which can be fully automated based on your business requirements.
  • WhatsApp API access and green tick verification are included as part of our DIY service.
  • Our DIY WhatsApp business accounts allow you to access all WhatsApp features.
  • Using the API is highly secure, as it safeguards the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the user's information.

Experience using WhatsApp Authentic

A smooth conversation can take place without information loss which can occasionally occur with manual assistants. During the conversation, details are provided to the maximum extent possible. If the client is not satisfied with the details he has reviewed, direct contact details can be provided to further convert the client.