Voice Conference Services

Voice Conference Services

Voice Conference Service facilitates you to connect to multiple people unlike the call conference services provided by the telecom network providers for few people. It gives your business an excellent solution to collaborate with and monitor the team at one go, not compromising on productivity even if they are distributed in diverse locations. It doesn’t occupy device space or require downloading the apps or software to use the service. It is absolutely user-friendly and Partakers can join or organize call conferences directly using an internet browser. Through a dial-in number, participants can join immediately.

Why do you opt for Voice Conference Service?

  • Complete control on who joins the call by hand raises, mute, hold, and add options.
  • Call Recording is available which reduces pressure on your team to generate follow-up plans.
  • Voice document is available and the team can engage totally in the discussion, avoiding the pressure of noting key details.
  • Delivers harmonious, finest quality voice conference experience.


The panel is designed in a comfortable way that the administrator or the organizer can log in easily through the root id credentials. He initiates the call and participants can join instantly.

Benefits of Voice Conference Services

  • Connect with 1000+ people from your business in a click.
  • Enables you to avoid bridge id and password to join a meet.
  • Avoid the travel expenses for your business in order to gather the scattered team.
  • Increases productivity by implementing its salient features, following an increase in ROI.
  • Possibility to switch devices, can organize the call from one device and switch to another.
1 minute 60 paise + Tax
Note* Minimum Order Value is 10,000/-