Voice Call Services

Voice Call System

Voice Call Service enables you to communicate with mobile users across the country through pre-recorded bulk voice messages. The messages are pre-recorded and are controlled by a fully automated framework which eliminates the need for any operator to process the calls. These BULK Voice Calls are generally used to comprehend customers about promotional or transactional activities. The voice messages can be customized according to the objective of your firm. It gives your business a tailor-made solution to communicate effectively and address your purpose with a diversified audience.


The system automatically initiates the pre-recorded voice calls and ensures that they are delivered promptly to the target audience with the least manual effort.

You need to set a pre-recorded voice message and caller list based on your persona.

The interface is set to automate the call on scheduled time with less effort and resonate with your audio message to the target audience.

To avoid unsolicited/fake content the approval from the operator is mandatory.

Benefits of Voice Call Service

Bulk Voice Call Services are extensively used for lead generation, service-oriented notifications, community reminders/alerts, promotional activities, social campaigns, customer surveys, event announcements, etc.,

You can send these voice messages in your preferred language and convey your purpose to customers in bulk.

Voice call service marketing is way better than Traditional call marketing:

  • Quality enabled calls are possible with Voice call service as they are pre-recorded and auto-dialed.
  • An effective way of communicating/reaching the market is possible in a lesser time and is budget-friendly too.
  • The auto redialing facility of the interface ensures lower chances of unanswered calls.
  • Can be customized according to the purpose, language, etc., effortlessly.
  • You can schedule a time and date for the calls and the system will initiate them accordingly.