Virtual Mobile Number

Virtual Mobile Number

Virtual Mobile Number, VMN is simply a mobile number, unlike the traditional mobile numbers which are connected to a device or telephone line for operation. It redirects the inbound calls from one number to another without delay. Owning a Virtual Mobile Number enables you to handle calls anywhere from the world at any time. It is the budget-friendly solution for businesses to widen their territory irrespective of their existing place, to provide flexible customer-oriented services.


The system automatically initiates the pre-recorded voice calls and ensures that they are delivered promptly to the target audience with the least manual effort.

You need to set a pre-recorded voice message and caller list based on your persona.

The interface is set to automate the call on scheduled time with less effort and resonate with your audio message to the target audience.

To avoid unsolicited/fake content the approval from the operator is mandatory.

Virtual Mobile Number over smarts the conventional Mobile Numbers:

  • Virtual Mobile Number doesn’t demand any physical connection or a tower for installation.
  • Allows the customer to redirect the calls from one number to another effortlessly.
  • It is not confined to a particular location, which helps businesses to expand their operations to different places.
  • Possible to unite the scattered workforce of an organization on a single company number.
  • Operates using a local number by lowering the call costs and enabling the users to feel at ease in solving their issues.
  • It saves equipment costs for companies as it is completely digital, needs no hardware, installation, and maintenance.