Transactional SMS service refers to an SMS service used by businesses to rely on transactional information. Through this service, businesses can reach subscribed customers directly to share important details that aren’t related to promotional activity. It can be order status, delivery notifications,and more. We Pride web technologies private limited located in Himayat Nagar are listed as the best and top Transactional SMS service provider in Hyderabad, India.

In simple terms, it is a type of text message which is not used for marketing but to support customers by sending order confirmation SMS, OTP SMS, shipping updates etc.

Each type of SMS serves a different purpose whether it is transactional bulk SMS or promotional bulk SMS. There are key consented laws according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that every business has to follow to send bulk SMS.

By understanding these differences and how promotional and transactional SMS services will help you to achieve your business goals the type you should be using based on your requirement.

Why Pride web technology is the top and best transactional sms service provider in India, Hyderabad

  • We have a long history and experience in providing transactional SMS service
  • We are most trusted for SMS services
  • We offer great service at reasonable costs
  • Our team is available to assist customers if they face any sort of issues in sending SMS
  • We always look to help our customers with our services
  • Our SMS panel is designed very easy to handle.

Advantages of Transactional SMS Services

  • Round the clock service with quick delivery of the message.
  • Instant delivery on DND Numbers.
  • Easily Schedule messages for future
  • HTTP API Available in different programming languages.
  • API is Compatible with any Website, Any Software, Any Programming Language.
  • 100 % Delivery warrantied on active mobile Number.
  • Sender Id (6 Characters id DP-SRTMPS)
  • Live and clear Report with DLR. All reports are 100% accurate