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Rich Communication Services

What is RCS Messagging?

Lets Dig Deeper...

The Messages app created by Google, which is preloaded on many Android devices and available for download via Google Play, has expanded RCS (Rich Communication Services) to India and other global markets. The experience was initially limited to a few carriers. However, the latest beta version of the Messages app is available worldwide, regardless of the telecom network used.
The RCS-enabled app differs from WhatsApp and Telegram in that it allows users to chat with their contacts and share images, GIFs, emoji, stickers, video, and audio messages. The RCS protocol built into the Messages app also allows users to send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or mobile data, unlike traditional SMS messages that require a cellular connection.

Emergence of this technology...

Google suspended its investment in messaging app Allo in April to focus entirely on RCS, which it hoped would be a replacement for the old SMS format. In February, the company announced partnerships with the likes of Huawei, Samsung and Vodafone to make RCS available in 24 countries. However, some Reddit users have reported a workaround that brings RCS support to global markets, not just a specific carrier.
RCS is the next generation of text messaging, delivering high-quality image sharing, typing indicators, location sharing, group chats, and video calls. Carriers have been slow to adopt the standard though, making for a frustrating roll-out. Nevertheless, it’s still a rather cool addition to smartphones, even if it’s essentially duplicating functionality seen in popular texting apps.

How to activate it on any device?

  • If you haven’t already, download Google’s Messages app.
  • Once installed, open the Messages app.
  • Tap the settings button (three vertical dots) on the top-right of the app.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Chat features.
  • If the Enable chat features toggle is turned off, turn it on by tapping it once.
  • If the Enable chat features toggle is already on, you’re all set!

RCS is the next-generation messaging standard we should all be using now; however, it will take some time before SMS/MMS is completely replaced. Google's ambitions are high, but it's certainly possible to bring the world together using a single universal messaging protocol. If you follow this guide to enable RCS chat on your phone, you'll now be in a better position to message other Android family members and friends, no matter where they are.

RCS is industry independent and therefore can be used in many business areas, including small and large enterprises around the world. RCS has opened up a new horizon for companies to interact with end users in a new and effective way. Brands must use the channel to redefine customer interaction. Here are three vital benefits that modern businesses can take advantage of using RCS messaging.

  1. Turning Ordinary Messaging much more richer.
  2. Gives much more information at a go when compared to normal text apps.
  3. RCS also offers verified delivery, so customers are protected from phishing and confident about your business.

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