Rich Communication Services

RCS Stands for Rich Communication Services. It is the advanced version of text messages that we generally used to do. In RCS, you can add multi-media like images, videos, click-to-action buttons, chatbots, etc. It is an advanced version of SMS text messages.

Features of RCS

  1. SMS is delivered through your Company Name and Logo
  2. You can send multiple images with content
  3. Call Back, Email and Website Button are available
  4. Only Delivered Messages are Charged
  5. Free Registration, No Setup Cost
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Message to Impress

Stand out from the traditional method to show up as a brand with RCS

RCS (Rich Communication Service) is the future of text messaging and brings many features from instant messaging apps to a standard text message, such as read receipts, typing indicators, and high-quality images.

This new standard is being promoted by Google for Android devices, which promises better security and a better user experience than plain old SMS.

Level Up Your Messaging

Bring all the powerful features and rich media your customers are accustomed to in mobile messaging to a mobile messaging experience. Use images, videos, files, links, even suggested replies for a more engaging messaging experience.

Provide an Effortless Customer Experience

The designing of RCS messaging is done in such a way that it gives access to single page applications for an end-user which cuts down the time lapse in doing research about aby business. This feature is super attractive when it comes to end-users perspective.

Reach out to audience as a verified business

New features of Google RCS include 'Verified SMS' and 'Real-time spam protection', both of which are enabled by default inside the app and cannot be turned off.

With Google's 'Verified SMS' feature, it will be possible to verify if an SMS is from a specific company by showing the company's name and logo in the chat window.

As a separate feature, Google has added Real-time spam protection, which warns users of suspected spam messages and detects unsafe links in the messages. Google has added a report feature to complement the Real-time spam protection, which allows users to report spam messages to Google. Isn't it Cool?

Why is it important?

Thousands of messages are sent by businesses every year to communicate with consumers, including OTP (one-time passwords), notifications, alerts, confirmations, etc., but these messages are often sent from random numbers, making it hard to know where they came from.

The purpose of verified SMS is to make consumers' lives easier when it comes to making decisions about communications they receive. It lets organizations increase their communication with users, build trust, and prevent scams.

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Make a universal profile of your business on any carrier device.

In spite of RCS messaging being designed to take mobile networks beyond texting, different approaches made it difficult and expensive for carriers to provide it to consumers.As a result of aligning to the GSMA's universal RCS profile - with the Messages RCS client app - carriers can now offer RCS messaging across the Android ecosystem.

Allow customers to get a jist about your business

Having a profile on text messages app is not the only profit you make out of RCS technology. Customers can access your privacy and terms of conditions without a browser.

A customised Call to Action button can allow your customers reach you in seconds. RCS being the new technology in the era of Text messaging can be an enhancer to many business and end-users in the way it is used.

It also cancels out the hiccups of installing an app or opening the browser to get the complete information about any business.

Isn't it cool to have such a marvelous presence of your business to end-users? Why don't you try it? Contact Us for getting it activated.

Why is it recommended for Marketers?

  • Reach out only to those customers who are most likely to respond by using highly targeted communication.
  • Keep your brand at the top of mind by communicating with customers using their mobile devices native messaging apps.
  • Provide real-time order confirmations, announcements, and quality customer service to keep customers happy and up-to-date.
  • Instantly communicate with customers without any of the delays and uncertainties created by traditional advertising.
  • Measure the number of read receipts, transactions, and suggested replies and actions for campaign analysis.
  • Evaluate program touchpoints such as actions, replies, transactions, and read receipts to understand subscriber behavior.
  • Show your brand's creativity by awesome elements like images, carousel, videos and much more rather than relying on just text.

How will it help Consumers?

  • Send high resolution large images and files.
  • Have unstoppable access to audio and video.
  • Access to innumerous emojis
  • Better options for group chats
  • Communicating with any business in a secured manner.
  • Make use of a number of in-call and post-call features.
  • Interactive Messaging
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Process Of Registering For RCS

Registering for RCS and creating your profile is very easy now. Below is the information you will need to provide for the same:

  1. Company Full Name
  2. Description : 100 words about Services
  3. Company Banner : (1440 x 448)
  4. Company Logo : (224 x 224) with white background
  5. Business Phone Number
  6. Business Email
  7. Business Website
  8. Link to Privacy Policy page on your website   (Ex:  
  9. Link to Terms & Conditions page on your website   (Ex:  
  10. Two Mobile Numbers for Testing Purpose
  11. Authorized Contact Person Name
  12. Authorized Contact Person Mobile Number
  13. Authorized Contact Person Email ID
  14. Authorized Contact Person Designation
  15. Opt In-Proof (opt-in is through a website or an app, provide links)
  16. Sample SMS content
      Ex: Dear Customer,  
      Your account is successfully registered with Pride Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
      Contact your account manager on 8008882088 for login details.