Promotional SMS is only for promotion, sales & marketing, mass campaign and other promotional activities. You can send promo messages on Non DND numbers, instant delivery, automatic DND numbers filtration etc. Promotional SMS is sent with the purpose to marketing and advertisement. Very useful for new emerging company because it is an effective and fast promotional tool and available at very low cost. Some special features of Promotional SMS are –DND numbers extracted automatically from list, instant delivery and 100 % delivery guarantee, money back guaranteed etc.

when a business sends their customers unique SMS messages for marketing or advertising purposes. Businesses use promotional SMS mainly to promote their products or services and generate customer interest, and to get their target consumers to engage with them in a more direct and efficient way.

An example of promotional SMS is when a company sends a special coupon code for dollars off an item at their store.


  • Messages can be sent to all Indian mobile numbers without any approval but only to non DND numbers.
  • SMS credit will not be deducted if mobile numbers are DND Numbers.
  • No fixed templates.
  • 9.00 am to 9.00 pm service with Instant delivery of the message.
  • Send SMS in Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and any other regional languages as well.
  • 160 Character per SMS.
  • Schedule message for future.
  • HTTP API Available in different programming languages.
  • HTTP API is Compatible with any type of Website, Software, programming Language.
  • Clear and Live Report with DLR. All reports are 100% accurate.