What is E mail marketing?

What is E-mail marketing?

Email marketing can be referred as any marketing strategy which we implement to reach our customers and gain leads using E mails.

In simple terms email marketing means reaching your perfect target audience and generating leads with Emails.

It is everlasting marketing strategy. It's the most immediate and powerful method of associating with your leads, supporting them, and transforming them into customers.

Why Email marketing is effective?

  • Using E mail marketing we can convert prospects into customers, and transform one-time purchasers into steadfast, raving fans.
  • It is also called as targeted marketing because you can specifically target your audience.
  • It helps to create Segmentation to divide the subscribers into different segments and to target relevant audience.
  • You can add ‘’Call to action button’’ to the email which gets traffic to the website it is used to drive customers to action and this makes email marketing very effective.
  • It helps you to reach your relevant target audience.

How email marketing can help your business?

Email marketing is the most successful marketing strategy to generate leads by sending emails to prospects and customers and thus helps the business achieve goals.

Generate leads:

This marketing strategy is amazing when it comes to lead generation, it helps to reach perfect target audience and get return on investment (ROI).

Brand awareness:

Brand awareness is very crucial for each and every business and brand awareness help the business to grow in massive way. many brands spend lot of money for brand awareness in traditional marketing, this also strengthens brand visibility, brand recognition and brand awareness by spending very less amount of money.

Audience Reach:

You can reach your target audience and gain more customers in less time.

Targeted marketing:

Email marketing is also called as targeted marketing because it helps to reach and target very specific audience which is very relevant to our business.

Cost effective:

It is very reasonable compared to other marketing platforms; this makes easy for small businesses to use this amazing marketing strategy.

Helps to build relation with your audience:

Email marketing is a good way to build and maintain relationship with customers because you can interact and communicate with customers by emails. The more you understand your customers the more likely they want to engage with you, and this results in good brand image.


Segmentation in email marketing means dividing your subscribers into segments based on their location and other demographics to target very specific audience and generate high leads.

Build Credibility:

Once you build good relationship with your customers with the help of email marketing you automatically build credibility for your brand and that helps your business have a positive impact on the customers.

Audience Reach:

coming to reach in email marketing you can reach more customers in less time and can reach your target audience.

Less investments and more reach:

The cost of email marketing is very less and reasonable, this makes easy for all kind of businesses to use this marketing strategy and reach many customers to generate leads.

Website Traffic:

Most people do email marketing to drive website traffic and many marketing researchers have also said that this marketing strategy is a great and effective way to drive website traffic. You can add a ‘’call to action’’ button in the mail if the recipient clicks on that he will be directed to website.

Save time:

Email marketing saves time, it helps to reach many customers in less time. It helps to generate quality leads in less time.