E-mail Marketing

What is E-mail Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote products, offers or services through email. Email marketing is a top digital media channel, and it is important for customers’ acquisition and retention. A well-designed email marketing strategy allows you to reach lots of different long-term and short-term goals. Take a look at the most popular objectives.

Advantages in Promoting Business through E-mail marketing

  • An email campaign is a great opportunity to remind clients about your brand. The more often they see relevant emails from your brand in their inbox, the more likely they are to choose your company when looking for a product. Keep in mind that sales-focused emails alone won't help you create the right brand image in your clients' minds. So, combine sales emails with educational content.
  • This is probably the A-list objective of every marketer. If your brand is credible, it won’t take much stress for your clients to purchase right from your email. You can inform subscribers about upcoming sales, hot deals, and even provide them with personalized offers.
  • If you haven’t earned credibility yet, use emails. Be honest and straightforward — customers appreciate this. Add reviews and testimonials to your campaigns so subscribers have the proof in front of them. You can also provide a link to your site page containing customer feedback. At least, your product cards should have a review section.
  • It doesn't take a ton of effort to reach this goal. Every email campaign includes links to several site pages, so if you manage to create an eye-catching subject line and relevant offer, clients will follow the links. This way, you can either boost traffic to your popular pages or promote those which lack user engagement.
  • If you sell services or complex products, it takes much more time for your leads to make a buying decision. Here email campaigns come into play. You can share step-by-step guides, useful checklists, and video instructions to help customers clearly see the benefits of using your product.
  • That is all about trigger and transactional emails. With their help, you can send campaigns automatically in response to your clients’ actions. Such emails include the following: welcome and onboarding series, registration confirmation, abandoned cart email, order confirmation, password reset email, and reactivation campaigns. This way, you will cut costs by handling these processes manually and focus on more important things.

Features in E-mail marketing

  • Email Newsletters

    These are regular emails that are sent to a list of subscribers who have chosen to receive updates from a company. Newsletters usually don't have explicit sales messages, but try instead to build a relationship between a customer and a brand. They often have a conversational tone and contain news and information that will be of interest to the customer. The goal is to keep a customer connected to a company even when they are not buying anything.
  • Transactional Emails

    These are emails that are sent out after certain actions trigger them. When a customer buys a product or makes a reservation, emails are sent out confirming that transaction. They legitimize online commerce by giving customers a way to prove they have bought something. Transactional emails often also contain new sales messages. Studies have shown that transactional emails are opened 51.3% of the time, while newsletters are only opened 36.6% of the time. Knowing that they have a captive audience, marketers will often try to insert new sales pitches into emails that are not explicitly for selling. For example, airline reservation emails often ask if you would like to upgrade your seat for a fee.
  • Direct Emails

    hese are used to inform customers about new products, sales and special offers. They provide customers with direct information about products and usually provide a link or another easy way for customers to access the product. They are similar to the coupons, catalogs, and sales fliers that used to be sent through the post office.

What makes Pride Web Technologies private limited best Email marketing service provider in Hyderabad and Secunderabad?

Pride Web Technologies Private Limited is an online marketing company based in Hyderabad and servicing the south side of India. Since marketing is the heart of every business, we invest a lot of our time, moneyLong history in bulk email marketing services: on banners, flexes, hoardings etc...

But now everything turned digital, every single individual has mobile phone in their hand. Researchers have confirmed that digital marketing is foundation of a successful business and we have helped countless clients attain their goals by our services.

Below are some factors that makes Pride web technologies Pvt Ltd. Different from other email marketing service providers.

Long history in bulk email marketing services:

Pride web technologies Pvt ltd. have a long history in email marketing services which makes easy for us to analyse the customer requirements and to fulfil them in time.

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Pride web technologies Pvt ltd have many years of experience in email marketing which makes us different from others because Experience is a key ingredient for the success of any company.

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Pride web technologies Pvt ltd. provides quality email marketing service at very reasonable prices, now that’s a rare combination, right?

This makes Pride web technologies Pvt ltd. best bulk email marketing service provider because it’s difficult to get high quality services at low prices.

Clear understanding of customer needs and requirements:

We believe that the most important aspect of any company is to have a clear and complete understanding of customer needs and requirements because until you get a proper understanding of customer needs you can’t ensure customer satisfaction.

Good staff and management:

Growing any business depends upon managing and decision making because it makes difficult tasks easier and helps to achieve business goals in organised way.

Pride web technologies Pvt ltd. have very good and experienced managing staff which focuses on achieving client goals and customer satisfaction.

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