Pride Web Technologies Pvt Ltd located in Himayatnagar, Hyderabad has been offering bulk sms services to many businesses and helped them achieve their business goals.

We are the best Bulk SMS company in Hyderabad (India) and listed as the Top Bulk SMS company in India, which has a long history in SMS Marketing.

Grow your business in a well-organized way in the market with Bulk SMS Marketing, with this service you can send text SMS in bulk to many recipients and tell them about the products (or) services your business provides. Marketing is the backbone of every business; every company has its marketing strategy. In today's world business organizations achieve their Business Goals like Email marketing, social media marketing etc. But when it comes to bulk sms marketing it can be used by every business for marketing and compared to other marketing tools it is more effective.

Bulk SMS service is used by many types of business for different purposes like marketing, alerts, entertainment, mobile marketing etc.

It is the easiest technique to connect with your audience in bulk by putting fewer efforts. We are the best bulk SMS service provider in Hyderabad and all over India.

Best bulk sms company in hyderabad

What is bulk SMS?

Sharing of SMS (Short Message Services) in large numbers which are delivered to mobile phone terminals is called Bulk SMS. It is the easiest technique to connect with your target audience in bulk by putting in less effort.

Types of SMS

Generally, Bulk SMS are of two types: Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. This SMS can be sent like an individual SMS to customers e.g., receiving an OTP, notification on transaction. If any online or offline businesses want to create, schedule and send SMS campaigns for marketing or notification all those activities can be done from our SMS Gateway. .

1. Promotional Bulk SMS

2. Transactional Bulk SMS

advantages of using bulk SMS Services for business:

  • Connecting with customers
  • Can be used by every kind of business for marketing
  • High open rates
  • Build loyal customers

Why choose Pride Web Technologies as a Bulk SMS company in Hyderabad (India)?

Benefits of choosing Pride web technologies as Bulk SMS service company:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Reasonable price
  • SMS can be sent to all mobile networks all over India
  • Long history in SMS Marketing
  • Easy to control Gateway
  • strong support team to help clients

Our user interface has been designed so simple and easily understandable to customers. Send Bulk SMS to one or more recipients(customers) through our software/API/web platform with the best bulk SMS Service company in Hyderabad. We have our own bulk sms gateway to send bulk SMS to a greater number of customers throughout the country with a single click. Every user will be given a user id and password you can log in securely by entering OTP generated from your mobile number.

Bulk messages connect with the service providers SMS gateway to assure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere across the world. Pride web technologies is one of the top rated best bulk sms service providers in Hyderabad.

Features of Bulk SMS Services

  1. Quick SMS:
    It is the fastest SMS service that provides a high-speed SMS delivery option in which text messages are delivered within a fraction of seconds, with uptime of 100%.Robust of other similar features.
  2. SMS API:
    Every bulk SMS service provider has its own CRM software or interface. API has high levels of security, SSL, and SMPP. Libraries and documentation are available in PHP with other coding tags. It is our responsibility to secure the customers' information safe from the competitors. It stores each data with PHP links available info in each service of format.
  3. Regional SMS(Unicode SMS):
    As many options are available in bulk SMS, language is also one of them. In India, there are many different languages. language is imperative so as every customer. Services in a text can be sent in English or any preferred language.
  4. Bulk/file SMS:
    This feature is useful to send different types of files(CSV, Xls,xlsx) as bulk text to customers. If necessary below the entire text, we can add a URL providing more information to the customers with one tap on the link we mention in the text message.
  5. customized SMS:
    In this Feature where we can edit or add some links, details like subscribers names, data, age, gender to make sure and to be more accurate.

Bulk SMS service pricing

5,000 1,000 / Lifetime 0.20 p 180/- ₹.1,180
10,000 2,000 / Lifetime 0.20 p 360/- ₹.2,360
25,000 4,500 / Lifetime 0.18 p 810/- ₹.5,310
50,000 8,000 / Lifetime 0.16 p 1,400/- ₹.9,400
1,00,000 15,000 / Lifetime 0.15 p 2,700/- ₹.17,700
5,00,000 70,000 / Lifetime 0.14 p 12,600/- ₹.82,600
10,00,000 1,30,000 / Lifetime 0.13 p 23,400/- ₹.1,53,400